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About us

 SSpecialized in high-end homeware, accessories, and gifts; Sketch was founded in April 2012, Kuwait, as a concept to bring contemporary and modern elements to every home. Relying on the era of technology, our services reach countries across the globe with our Home-shopping experience.


KKnowing that market demands change overtime, we continuously search and hand-pick brands to work with, as well as taking inspiration in creating Sketch exclusive items which become a favourite must-have.


EEach and every product is selected carefully in the creation of our elite collection of homeware products for our customers to set out their home with flair and definite uniqueness.


TTo name a few of our longtime brand collaborations; Eva solo, Stelton, Normann Copenhagen, Rosendahl Copenhagen, Özlem Tuna, Images d’Orient, with the plan to include many more in the future, making us stand-out in our market.


CCustomer care is one of our priorities we have at Sketch. We maintain and provide to various needs, tastes and styles while maintaining the uniqueness of our collections. Our first-time-customers become regulars whilst referring our brand to people they know.


HHere is where you will find that functionality will always come in elegance.