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Charcoal barbecue

Charcoal barbecue
Charcoal barbecue

Charcoal barbecue

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Tubes of high performance smoked charcoal
3 kits of 10 tubes of smoked charcoal + fire starter

Coals have been specially designed for: 
- High cooking power
- Quick start with the natural fire starters included
- 2 hours of embers, 3 times longer than a classic charcoal
- Individual clean packaging for each cooking

This charcoal works great with any other grill, but the amount of charcoal needed for 1 grill may vary from grill to grill. 

Local deliveries (within Kuwait) are delivered within 24 hours if there was no date specified by the customer.

For deliveries outside Kuwait:

DHL Express • 4-7 business days
For Prepaid Orders